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Police in frantic search for screaming woman find a screaming fox

By Mason White 8:56 AM March 31, 2013

By: Ryan Lee Hall
(Scroll down for video) Police were called to a college campus after students heard what they believed was a woman screaming for help.

It was around midnight when responding officers began frantically searching for the woman who was in danger.A police helicopter was also dispatched for the search.

Police officers in the U.K. received calls from concerned people claiming they heard a woman screaming for help on the grounds of the University of Exeter.

The police helicopter responded. After searching for some time, they discovered that the the cry was actually from a vixen fox who was roaming the area.

Police officers confirmed that the screams believed to be of a woman were actually a fox.

“Students thought they heard a woman crying out for help. We were all relieved to learn that it was not the case,” Margaret Hooper, 22, a resident of Exeter, England, told

The screams of a vixen fox is usually a mating call or a demarcation of territory. The vixen fox screams often wake people up at night as it is mistaken for a human screaming.

In the video below you can hear a vixen fox screaming

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