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Ambulance workers complain after being banned from eating lollipops at work

By Mason White 5:21 AM April 2, 2013
Child eating lollipop 

By: Eva Fett
I want my lollipop! This is what some emergency workers in Australia are complaining about after they were banned from eating the candy during work, according to press reports in Australia.

Ambulance workers in Brisbane, Australia, who are under fire for bungling a call to save a man who was seriously injured last year, say they are being micro-managed to death and cannot even eat candy at work.

Documents published by a local Australian newspaper revealed on Saturday that a Brisbane man who was trapped under a truck in a driveway had died of a heart attack after waiting nearly 40 minutes for paramedics to arrive. According to the report, a dispatcher mistakenly coded the case as not life threatening before going on break, while the station supervisor was in the lunchroom.

Dispatchers in southeast Queensland are forbidden to keep food on their desks, the paper notes, which allegedly led to unwelcome snack breaks and low morale.

“It has been a long-standing problem,” ambulance coordinator Jeanette Temperley said. “You cannot even have a snack, like a granola bar or anything. We are definitely micro-targeted,ā€ she added. “You cannot have even eat a lollipop,” complained a dispatcher who wished to remain unnamed.

ā€œI cannot believe that grown men and women who are emergency workers complain about lollipops like little children. They should take their serious job more seriously,ā€ Ron Marker, 71, of Brisbane, Australia told