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Palestinians riot after Palestinian dies of cancer in Israel

By Mason White 1:34 PM April 2, 2013
Palestinians riot 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
A Palestinian jailed in Israel for organizing terror attacks died of cancer at an Israeli hospital, according to hospital officials in Israel.

However, Palestinians blamed Israel for his death and began to riot, according to prison officials.
Israeli prison guards had to fire tear gas to quell the disturbance of Palestinian prisoners on Tuesday after a prisoner sentenced to life imprisonment for an attempt to bomb an Israeli cafe died of cancer.

Abu Maysara Hamdeya’s death threatened to raise tensions in the Israeli controlled West Bank, where Palestinians, who believe that terrorists imprisoned in Israel are heroes in the struggle for statehood, have held several protests in recent weeks in support of the prisoners.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Israel had ignored a long standing request to release Abu Hamdeya, 64, sentenced to life imprisonment in 2002 for hiring a terrorist who planted explosives in a cafe in Jerusalem. Luckily, the bomb failed to detonate.

A Prison Service spokesperson said that Abu Hamdeya died in a hospital in southern Israel on Tuesday before an early release process, which began last week after doctors diagnosed his terminal cancer.

“The Israeli government refused to respond to Palestinian efforts to save the life of the prisoner,” Abbas told members of his Fatah party in the West Bank city of Ramallah.
“Israel is responsible for every Palestinian death,” Mohamed Bin Ismail, 56, a former resident of the West Bank, now in Brooklyn, New York told

“The Palestinians need to learn that not every person who unfortunately gets sick with cancer is somehow connected to an Israeli conspiracy. This type of talk is just lunacy,” Joseph Goldstein, 39, from Miami, Florida told

The news of the death of Abu Hamdeya triggered protests from Palestinian prisoners in several Israeli prisons. In the Ramon prison in southern Israel, prisoners threw objects at the guards, who responded with tear gas, the Prison Service spokesperson said.