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Airline begins charging passengers according to their weight

By Mason White 9:55 AM April 3, 2013
Samoa Air airplane 

By: Debbie Gross
(Scroll down for video) If you are sick of paying hefty prices for airline tickets, help is on the way. A small airline introduced fees based on passenger weight, therefore, if you are slim you will enjoy super cheap prices, according to a statement released by the company.

Samoa Air, which is a small airline, is offering a new reason to lose those extra pounds before your next trip. “If you weigh less you pay less,” according to the new pricing formula.

Samoa Air is scheduled to begin the new pricing formula on Wednesday. Depending on the flight, each kilogram or 2.2 pounds, will cost 93 cents to $1.06.

That means that the average U.S. man weighing at 195 pounds with a 35 pound bag would have to pay $97 to go one way between Apia, Samoa and Pago Pago, American Samoa. Competitors typically charge $130 to $140 round trip for similar routes.

Pricing based on weight is not new for the company, which launched in June. The company has used the pricing model since November, but in January the U.S. Department of Transportation approved its international route between American Samoa and Samoa.

“I’m a very thin man and I always believed that it is unfair that I have to pay the same price as the fat person for an airline ticket,” Eddie Zarrow, 25, of Argentina told

“I am very angry at this new pricing scheme. I believe the airline and the industry will be punishing those who are overweight. Overweight people are already bullied enough,” an overweight woman in Newark, New Jersey told

The CEO of the airline, Chris Langton, said: “the planes are run by weight and not per seat, and travelers should be educated on this important fact. The plane can only carry a certain amount of weight and that weight has to be paid for. There cannot be any other way.”

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