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U.S. funded Muslim group apologizes after claiming that Jews use Christian blood for Passover matza

By Mason White 4:08 PM April 3, 2013
Hanan Ashrawi founder of Miftah 

By: David Ross
A U.S. and U.N backed Muslim group published an article on its website which claimed that Jews use Christian blood for its Passover matza, according to press reports and Jewish rights groups.

Now, the nonprofit organization has finally removed the article from its website which accused Jews of using Christian blood in Passover, following the wave of criticism.

MIFTAH, founded by the Palestinian Authority legislator Hanan Ashrawi, apologized for the article’s publication, after initially refusing to do so.

The article, which has already been removed from the MIFTAH website, sparked outrage among Jewish leaders and others who condemned the nonprofit for reigniting the anti-Semitic blood libel.
The article also criticized President Barack Obama for his Passover greetings.

“Much of the talk and gossip about historical Jewish blood rituals in Europe are real and not fake as they say, the Jews used the blood of Christians for the Jewish Passover,” the article said.

MIFTAH has received much of its funding from Western governments, including the U.S. Taxpayer supported National Endowment for Democracy, the Ford Foundation, the United Nations and various European governments.
MIFTAH originally defended its right to publish the article.

The article was about promoting dialogue, MIFTAH claimed.
“The Palestinians claim that they want a lasting peace agreement with Israel. However, by publishing such articles, all it does is increase hate among the ignorant public who read these articles,” Igor Romanenko, 51, an expert on Middle Eastern issues told

Jewish groups, including the Anti-Defamation League and the Simon Wiesenthal Center, immediately denounced the anti Semitic article.