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Palestinian man arrested after being caught smuggling $500,000 worth of gold

By Mason White 2:22 PM April 4, 2013
Gold bars 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
A Palestinian man was arrested and charged with smuggling related charges after he was caught smuggling $500,000 in gold bars at an Indian airport, according to customs officials in India.

The desperate man received only $500 in compensation for his entire smuggling trip.
The Air Intelligence Unit Wednesday intercepted the 23-year-old Palestinian man at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport for allegedly smuggling 10.5 kilos of gold worth $500,000. This is being touted as a major seizure. The previous record seizure by custom officials was 5 kilos of gold.

The accused, Mohammed Al Sher Rana, had taken an early morning flight with Gulf Air from Bahrain. He expected to return to Bahrain within 24 hours after the shipment was delivered, but was arrested outside the airport, customs officials said.

“The man carried no luggage and had entered the country with only a handbag,” a customs official said.
During interrogation, the man claimed ignorance and said he did not know “gold smuggling is illegal in India,” the officer said.

“This is another case where a crime boss took advantage of a young ignorant man. The Palestinian smuggled $500,000 worth of gold but received only $500 in compensation for his criminal activity. The man faces many years in jail all for just $500 while his sender enjoys the high life,” ABHA AISHWARYA, 49, an airport worker in India told

The gold has been packed in 12 identical rectangular bars. “He is a poor man and is studying engineering. He came to India only to smuggle the gold,” the officer said.
“The man was promised a meager $500 for the assignment,” the officer said.

Officials said there has been an increase in cases of smuggling gold recently. This is the first time however, that a Palestinian man was caught.