Kiryas Joel meat market charged with violation of labor laws

Kiryas Joel Shopping Center 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A Kiryas Joel meat market was charged with labor law violations after it underpaid employees below the U.S. government minimum wage, according to court proceedings in New York.

The U.S. Department of Labor filed a federal lawsuit this week against the company incorporated in Monroe, New York, whom it accused of violating minimum wage laws and overtime related laws, as well as failure to keep proper records of employee hours, pay rates and sales.

The Labor Department is seeking an injunction to find the Hatzlucha Meat Market Inc. and its officers, Abraham Schlesinger and Isaac Tyrnauer responsible for unpaid compensation, according to documents filed Monday in federal court in White Plains, New York.

“I cannot believe that these charges are true. It is probably a mistake,” Joel Landau, 21, of Kiryas Joel, New York who shops at Hatzlucha told

“These are serious charges. These employees work very hard and it is unfair to pay them below the minimum wage. The minimum wage itself is very low,” Yechezkel Klein, 59, who is a resident of Kiryas Joel, New York told

The Labor Department found the Hatzlucha operators deliberately and repeatedly violated labor laws because the company records do not accurately reflect the hours worked each work day, total hours worked each workweek, the rate of regular payment, the total income of each work week, and the total compensation for each week of work with respect to many of their employees, according to the court filing.