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Jews urge police to stop ‘put on the gas’ biker rally in Hungary

By Mason White 4:52 PM April 8, 2013
Biker rally illustration 

By: Sarah Weiss
A biker group in Hungary is scheduled to hold a rally named “put on the gas” in Hungary next week.

Jews in the country feel that the name of the rally is highly inappropriate and should be canceled, according to press reports in Hungary.

Mazsihisz, the association of Jewish religious communities, on Sunday urged the authorities to prevent by all means at its disposal a planned motorcade by nationalist motorcyclists.
Police however, have said that they have banned the event from taking place.

Mazsihisz said that the name given for the event “Give Gas”, is particularly offensive as the procession is scheduled for the same day as the March for Life, that remembers Hungarian Holocaust victims.

Noting that motorists want to go through the Jewish quarter of Budapest, Mazsihisz said the name of the event “is a call to repeat horrible acts, as more than 400,000 compatriots were killed with poison gas in Auschwitz.”

Mazsihisz said that “our country will not tolerate indifference to our pride and honor, and it doesn’t matter if you’re Catholic, Calvinist or Jewish, or belong to the majority or minority.”

“At a time of rising anti-Semitism around the world political leaders need to do the most possible to prevent anti Semitic incidents like these,” Kevin Guttman, 49, in Budapest, Hungary told

The politician described the event as obviously provocative and tasteless. Antal Rogan, a political leader, said in a statement Sunday that “as a politician I have fought this very bad event for years and deeply condemn this rally.”