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Two burned to death after man shoots up Michigan medical facility

By Mason White 5:10 AM April 10, 2013
Sharita Williams 

By: Eva Fett
Two people were burned to death after a man shot up a Detroit, Michigan medical facility causing it to burst into flames, according to police reports in Michigan.

The man was identified by employees as a former maintenance worker, Myron Williams. The man opened fire Tuesday inside the Detroit Medical Center, sending workers and visitors screaming and running for the doors just moments before the building went up in flames.

Excavation teams looking through the gutted building of Park Medical Centers after the fire was extinguished recovered the remains of a man and a woman, Detroit police said Tuesday night in a statement.

Police had been looking for missing 35-year-old attending physician Sharita Williams and the fired maintenance worker, who relatives said was her former boyfriend.
Last week, Sharita Williams obtained a personal protection order against the man, according to court records in Wayne County.

“It was very scary. People were in panic and were running out of the building as quickly as possible. It is a miracle that no one was seriously hurt. My heart goes out to Sharita Williams and her entire family,” Sarah Long, 20, of Detroit, Michigan told after seeing video of the incident on television.

Doctor Stuart Kirschenbaum, a podiatrist who operated his private practice in the building for about 30 years, said he heard a security guard shouting that there was a gunman in the building.

Destroyed by the fire, Kirschenbaum said, was his collection of boxing gloves, personal letters and photographs of boxing great Joe Louis. He estimated the objects were worth about $100,000.

Doctor Kim Logan-Nowlin, a clinical psychologist, said he was driving to an appointment Tuesday morning when a member of his staff notified him about the incident.

Dwayne Blackmon, a Detroit police homicide detective, refused to identify the maintenance man as the prime suspect, but said that everyone else inside the building except the woman and male suspect appeared to have escaped the flames.