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Two Palestinian terrorists arrested after stabbing Jews in Jerusalem and the West Bank

By Mason White 12:36 PM April 11, 2013
West Bank Highway 60 

By: David Ross
Two Palestinian men were arrested and charged with assault related charges after stabbing Jews in the West Bank and Jerusalem, according to court proceedings in the Israeli controlled West Bank.

Law enforcement officials lifted a gag order recently, in the arrest and indictment of two Palestinian Authority terrorists, both about 20-years-old, for the stabbing Jews in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

One of the terrorists is a student from a city in Samaria. He is accused of stabbing a Jewish man at the Tapuach intersection. The Jewish man was rushed to the hospital with moderate stab wounds.The man was identified as Mistafa Aadel Barghouti. He confessed to the attack and also confessed to attacking Israeli soldiers in the past. He said he acted alone and was not part of a terrorist cell.

The second terrorist was a member of Hamas and lives southwest of Hebron. Police identified the suspect as Samer Ahmed Mahmoud Matar, who tried to kill a Jewish man in Jerusalem and confessed to plotting to kill an ultra-Orthodox Jew or a settler.

The second terrorist, also considered placing a bomb on a public bus in Beit Shemesh, a city located 10 miles southwest of Jerusalem.

“I am happy to hear about the arrest. The Israeli police are doing a good job catching the terrorists and putting them behind bars where they belong. Eventually, the Palestinian terorists will realize that peaceful negotations is the only way to acheive peace,” Barbara Myers, 31, of Jerusalem, Israel told after reading about the arrests.