Satmar Hasidic sect unveils first in the U.S. sex segregated public playground in New York

Sex segregated public park in New York 
An extreme faction of ultra-Orthodox Jews in the United States, has unveiled the first in the nation and probably the world’s complete sex segregated public playground, according to photos uploaded to the internet.

This new sex segregated children's playground was built in the city of Kiryas Joel in Monroe, New York on an area of ​​283 acres, which will fully separate little boys and girls.

The park, built on the outskirts of the city received special financing by Kiryas Joel Mayor Rabbi Abraham Wieder. The mayor received the blessing from all Satmar factions living in the city, according to reports.

City Treasurer, Rabbi Gedaliah Segedin, described the park as under the strict supervision of the Committee of Modesty of Kiryas Joel and under the watchful guidance of the Grand Rebbe, Rabbi Aharon Teitelbaum. The park is divided into four sections.

Section one is designed for fathers who come with their boys. The second section is designed for mothers who come with their girls. The third is for boys and the fourth is for girls.
There is also a large distance between the four section to increase the modesty and the separation.

City leaders were not satisfied with the current public playgrounds as men and women were present in one public space at the same time. The park was also built with two special trails one for men and one for women. Non Jews or non ultra-Orthodox Jews will not be allowed into the park.

It is unclear if any U.S. government funds were used for the project. U.S. or New York State funds cannot be used to build a facility that discriminates based on gender.