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Little children seen climbing large cliff in order to reach school

By Mason White 5:34 AM April 17, 2013
Little child climbs her way to school 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) We are all used to the school bus coming by every morning and evening which take our children to and from school, but in some cities in China, that is not the case, according to images uploaded to the internet.

Children in a southern Chinese city have to climb a cliff with a wooden ladder to get to school every day.

The children, who reside in the city of Zhangjiawan in Long Tianping County, have a cliff 180 feet high to climb every day, and although there is an alternative route, this particular path to school is three hours shorter.

The local government has responded to the images reported in the media saying they will look into the matter and propose a solution.

“Climbing such a huge cliff is a terrible way to get to school. By the time these little children reach school they are already too tired to study. This problem needs to be corrected as soon as possible,” Stephen Felix, 28, of Montreal, Canada told after seeing the images.

The ladder, built by local residents, can last up to several years before having to be replaced.

Meanwhile, in Spain, mothers took drastic measures in order to provide bus service for their children.
After receiving notice that their children will no longer be picked up by the school bus, some mothers had no choice but to turn to stripping, according to video uploaded to the internet.

A new law was introduced during the summer months which cuts funding for the school bus that runs in the Monserrat district of Valencia in eastern Spain. A group of mothers met and posed for an erotic calendar to raise money for the transportation of their children.

The problem was that under the previous Spanish law, the government only had to provide transportation if students lived more than three miles away from school. However, according to the new law, the distance is now calculated in a straight line and this meant that Monserrat, was no longer eligible for a school bus.

However, as Silvia Lucas, one of the mothers, said: “We have to climb a mountain and down a ravine to get to school. On foot, using the most direct route it is 4.5 km, if you walk in the road it is 6 km.”

Some of the parents are unemployed and have problems paying for gas to drive their children to school. For this reason and to try to raise $50,000, the group of mothers gathered, undressed and posed for an erotic calendar.

It took just over a month after the launch of the calendar to raise enough money for the bus to run for a period of three months for the 83 affected children.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view