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Scared burglar caught red handed after calling police because he heard noises

By Mason White 3:25 AM April 24, 2013
Thief breaking into home illustration 

By: Moses Gold
If you are too scared to complete a crime don’t bother doing it.

A scared thief was arrested and charged with theft related charges shortly after he called police for help. The man told police that he had heard strange noises inside the house he was stealing from.

The scared thief called police from under a bed after he heard a strange noise in the house that was stealing, and got scared.
The 31-year-old man of Romania, was in the midst of robbing the house when he suddenly suspected that another thief had broken into the house, so she called the police to report the noise. The noise, however, came from the family cat.

Marius Lonescu, 31, waited for the police to come to his rescue, but it did not cross his mind that the police will want to know what he was doing in a house that was not his.

The cat had a better reason to be in the house. He lived there.
Police arrested Lonescu when they arrived, after realizing that the only people in the house were he and the cat.

“This is the funniest home invasion related story I ever heard. This man should take a lesson in robbery. If he can’t quit being a ‘scary cat’, he shouldn’t breaking into people’s houses. Well, at least he is behind bars now,” Ashley Cowan, 27, of Memphis, Tennessee told after learning about the scary cat thief.

Mihaela Straub, a spokesperson from the police in Romania, said: “The noise he heard was probably the family cat. He already has previous convictions for similar robberies, and given his nervousness, he should probably look for another job. He will probably get a lot of time in prison because of his lengthy record.”