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Soft-hearted thief returns stolen cremated remains

By Mason White 5:20 AM April 25, 2013
Cremated ashes illustration 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) Recently, a thief stole thousands of dollars worth of diamonds along with some cremated ashes, but luckily, the thief did a surprising thing that no one expected him to do, according to press reports in Washington.

The thief, also known as the thief with a good heart, inadvertently took home some cremated remains along with thousands of rare gems he stole from a truck in the State of Washington. Suddenly, the thief has mailed the ashes back to its owner, police said on Wednesday.

The owner of the truck had been playing golf in a suburb of Tacoma when his vehicle was attacked by a thief who stole a briefcase full of precious gems, 3000 Oregon sunstones, over 30 silver and gold rings and a bracelet with 34 colored stones, the spokesperson of the Pierce County Sheriff, Ed Troyer, said.

Also stolen was a green suitcase containing the cremated remains truck owner’s son, the sheriff spokesperson said. Days later, the anonymous thief mailed the ashes to an address that was listed on the truck owner’s business card, which had also been stolen.

“The case is unique for several reasons. For one, because of the high dollar amount of the gems that were stolen and because you have a criminal, a thief, who has somewhat of a heart,” Troyer said, without giving a value for the stolen valuables.

“Yes, this is quite a surprising act from a gangster. I am sure the man is grateful that he at least got his son’s ashes back. His son’s ashes are probably more valuable to him than the stolen gem stones,” Gayla Cyr, 42, of Tacoma, Washington told after learning about the returned ashes.

It was not clear if the robber acted alone or had an accomplice, and Troyer said the thief likely randomly targeted the truck and did not expect to find the gems.