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Security officials at Ben Gurion Airport can now demand to read your emails

By Mason White 2:55 PM April 25, 2013
Security officer at Ben Gurion Airport 

By: David Ross
Have some private emails in your inbox that you don’t want anyone to read? If you are planning to head to Israel make sure you delete these private emails if you don’t want security officials at the airport to read them.

Israeli security officials at Ben Gurion Airport are legally authorized to demand access to tourist email accounts and deny entry if they refuse, the country’s legal official said on Wednesday.

The policy details were presented by Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein in a written response to the Association for Civil Rights in Israel or ACRI, the group said in a statement.

Last year, the ACRI demanded clarification following media reports that security agents demanded access to email accounts before allowing tourists into the country.

“In a reply, the Attorney General’s office confirmed this practice,” ACRI said.
“However, the attorney general’s office also noted that while a tourist can deny that request, it will be made clear that a refusal will be considered along with other relevant factors, to determine whether to be allowed entry into Israel,” ACRI also said.

“After the recent Boston terror attack, Israel cannot sit by and take chances when it comes to its security. If you want to visit Israel then you need to allow your emails to be checked. Sometimes, a simple check of a person’s email can prevent deadly terror attacks,” Delma Waite, 46, of Hartford, Connecticut told after learning about the ruling.