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100 snakes found crawling around in Herbert hospital in Canada

By Mason White 11:53 AM April 29, 2013
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By: Ryan Lee Hall
(Scroll down for video) Patients and visitors at one Canadian hospital are freaking out after numerous snakes have been found crawling around in the facility, according to a statement made by Canadian hospital officials.

The hospital in Saskatchewan said that more than 100 garter snakes have been discovered inside the facility, this year alone.

The Herbert & District Integrated Health Facility in Herbert said that most of the snakes were found in crawl spaces and in the basement, but some have made ​​it to the public areas of the hospital.

“In fact, there were a total of six snakes located on the main level of the facility,” spokesperson Bryce Martin said.
Martin said that the snakes have apparently been entering the hospital through a small hole discovered in the basement. Martin also said that adhesive pads were placed in the area and that they have proven effective in catching the snakes.

Martin said that snakes are small and pose no danger to humans, but have surprised some people.
“I would definitely recommend people and patients to stay away from that hospital until officials can figure out what is going on and get rid of the snakes. No one wants there loved one to suddenly have a snake with them in their hospital bed,” Lillie Mandel, 29, of Calgary, Canada told after learning about the snakes.

Also recently, snakes have invaded a U.S courthouse. As we reported earlier, one courthouse is equipped to deal with the worst criminal offenders, but what they are not prepared for is to deal with an army of snakes.

An army of snakes was caught sliding inside a Mississippi courthouse recently, which give workers the creeps.
Five brown snakes, also known as earth snakes, have been found in the basement of the office of the Hinds County circuit clerk.
A deputy clerk, Kelly Phillips, said Thursday that the largest was a few inches long, while the smallest was the size of an overgrown warm.

Former zookeeper Percy King, who makes reptiles shows in local schools, went to the courthouse to identify the snakes. He said that earth snakes eat lizards, worms, crickets and other small insects, and have soft teeth that probably could not even break the skin of a human.

It is not uncommon for earth snakes to be sneaking into buildings during the spring as they wake up from hibernation. King said: “A snake that size could go through any small hole.”

“The experience had to be real scary for all those court employees. I know that if I would encounter a snake at the office I would never want to return to work. I would probably quit my job,” Kasandra Malloy, 46, of Jackson, Mississippi told after learning about the snakes.

The courthouse in downtown Jackson was built in 1930 and is crowned by a statue of Moses with the Ten Commandments. The basement windows are said to be sealed well.

Phillips said the first time she saw a snake in the office, her brain did not register immediately what it was.
One of the snakes was killed accidentally by a cabinet that rolls on tracks. Another was caught in a sticky trap left by maintenance workers.