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Nightclub in Paris caught on video playing Hava Nagila

By Mason White 1:17 PM April 2, 2013
Playing Hava Nagila at a Nightclub 

By: Debbie Gross
(Scroll down for video) A nightclub in Paris was seen rocking the house by playing the Hava Nagila.

Israel’s national anthem, Hava Nagila, has become famous around the world. Many videos have been uploaded to YouTube of different non-Jewish groups singing Hava Nagila.

Recently, a nightclub in Paris was heard playing Hava Nagila.
Nightclub Le Gibus, which is a popular nightclub and concert hall normally features Rock and Hip Hop music.

The Hava Nagila song in the nightclub was played by the up and coming Chemical Klezmer group.

Hava Nagila in Hebrew stands for “Let Us Rejoice”, it has become an iconic Jewish song.

Many people request the song to be played at their wedding, bar mitzvah and any other special occasion.

“For me, Hava Nagila reminds me of good memories. When we reached Israel for the first time, when making Aliya 15 years ago, we all sang Hava Nagila as the plane landed in Israel,” Aliza Steinberg, 52, who lives in the Israeli settlement of Efrat, told

Hava Nagila has gotten a lot of attention after American Jewish gymnast Alexandra Raisman, performed a floor exercise routine to the tune of Hava Nagila.

The Museum of Jewish Heritage is doing a documentary on the song of Hava Nagila, showing famous non Jewish singers, singing the ‘Hava Nagila” song.

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