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Female school counselor arrested for sodomizing 13-year-old student

By Mason White 7:22 PM April 3, 2013
Brooke Dinkel 

By: John Roberts
A school guidance counselor was arrested after she allegedly raped and sodomized a 13-year-old boy.

A guidance counselor is supposed to be the person children feel comfortable to confide in, instead this 31-year-year-old woman allegedly took advantage of the trust and violated the boy.

Brooke Dinkel, was a school counselor for less than a year at the Smokey Valley Middle School in Kansas, when she allegedly began sexually abusing the child.

School officials called police after getting reports of sexual abuse by Dinkel.

Investigators said Dinkel had an ongoing sexual relationship with the boy.

“This is very scary. We send our kids to school everyday, we trust the teachers and school staff to educate our children. It is shocking that a professional guidance counselor would harm a child like that,” Nancy Brown, 39, a mother of 4, from Saline County, Kansas told

Dinkel was booked into jail on charges of five counts of rape involving a child under 14-years-old, and five counts of criminal sodomy.