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Woman drives drunk with three children in car on her way to bail out their father from jail

By Mason White 3:42 PM April 9, 2013
Kimberly Noelle Martin 

By: David Ross
(Scroll down for video) A woman was stopped by a Good Samaritan for drunk driving, but when police arrived she blamed her mother-in-law for driving drunk.

The Florida woman was charged with a DUI and possession of oxycodone, but claims it was all her mother-in-law’s fault.

Kimberly Noelle Martin, 26, was charged with driving under the influence with three young children in the car, according to the Marion County sheriff’s office.

A gas station employee took her keys away and called police. the gas station employee told deputies that the woman was speeding in the parking lot and slammed on the brakes in front of the gas pumps. The employee said he was able to smell alcohol coming from the car, and after he saw the young children inside, he grabbed the car keys away from Martin.

Deputies arrested Martin after she allegedly failed the field sobriety tests. Martin was charged with a DUI, possession of oxycodone and tampering with evidence. “I was not driving,” Martin claimed. She admitted that she had been drinking, but claimed that her mother-in-law was behind the wheel when they drove into the gas station.

“This woman saw no problem driving drunk with her three young children in the car. She obviously has a drug or alcohol problem and she blames her mother-in-law for her problems. I believe that the children should be removed from her care,” Kelly Peters, 29, from Orlando, Florida told

According to Martin, she, her mother-in-law and her three children ages 9, 6, and six-months-old, were heading to prison to bail out her husband. She and her mother-in-law argued in the car, and when they reached the gas station, her mother-in-law got out and walked away. Deputies did not did not believe her story and arrested her.

Officers found oxycodone pills on her. Martin said she had oxycodone pills because her husband had a legal prescription for them, and she brought it along to give the drugs to him.