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Woman arrested after viciously hanging dog and watching it struggle until it died

By Mason White 3:55 PM April 9, 2013
Sheena Cornwell 

By: John Roberts
(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested after she hung the family dog and watched it struggle until it died.

Sheena Cornwell, 28, who lived with her boyfriend, Joshua VanDyke, in Iowa, was jailed after she allegedly hung their dog because she was fed up with the dog’s barking.

Officers were dispatched to the couple’s residence after receiving a police call from Cornwell’s boyfriend, VanDyke.

VanDyke told investigators that he had just returned home from work, when he realized that Cornwell was angry with the dog because it would not stop barking.

Cornwell claimed that placed the dog in the garage to so his girlfriend should hear the barking. She became very angry, when she could still hear the barking.

Cornwell allegedly went to the garage and hung the dog from a beam using its collar and leash. Cornwell allegedly watched the dog kick and struggle for a period of ten minutes, until she saw that it was dead.
She then returned home and announced that she had dealt with the barking. VanDyke called police after going to the garage and saw what Cornwell had done.

“As an animal lover it makes me sick to my stomach to think how the dog suffered. It is beyond me how a human being can be so cruel,” Robert Chesterfield, 50, from Des Moines, Iowa told

“She did not seem sorry. She said she saw nothing wrong with her actions,” Des Moines police spokesperson, Greg Catron said. “She did not think there was anything wrong with the way she put a dog to death. This is the first time I’ve seen a dog hanging like that,” he added.

Cornwell was booked into jail on charges of animal torture.

VanDyke ended his 4 year relationship Cornwell.