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Woman arrested after taking kids on police chase in stolen van

By Mason White 4:16 PM April 10, 2013
Erica Braswell 

By: David Ross
(Scroll down for video) A woman and her two children were hospitalized after the mother refused to stop for police, leading them on a high speed chase with her kids in the car.

Erica Braswell, 26, from National City in San Diego, California, faces felony charges after leading San Diego police on a high speed chase, while her children were in the back seat of a stolen van. The chase began after officials tried to pull over the stolen blue 15 passenger van. Instead of stopping, the woman sped off, leading police on a high speed chase.

In an attempt to get away from police, Braswell, ended up driving up a hill where she got stuck and was arrested by police. Officers noticed two young children in the back seat of the van.

“I am shocked that a mother can be so irresponsible and put her children in harms way. Her children deserve better. I hope a family member steps in to raise the children so they don’t have to grow up in foster care,” Tierra Walker, 44, from San Diego, California, a mother of 3 told

The children, ages 5 and 6, were taken to a local hospital for treatment. One child had a laceration on his head and required stitches, before being transferred to child services, according to Deputy District Attorney Mary Loeb.Braswell was also taken to a hospital for treatment before being booked into the Las Colinas jail on several charges, including driving under the influence and child endangerment.

Braswell faces eight years behind bars if convicted. She was originally held on $105,000 bail, the judge then doubled the bail to $200,000.