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Teacher quits her job to become full time pole dancer

By Mason White 4:19 PM April 11, 2013
Emma Nicholson  

By: Debbie Gross
(Scroll down for video) A school teacher surprised her students and their parents when she announced that she is leaving her teaching job to pursue her pole dancing career.

The primary school teacher has chosen a radical change of career by leaving the classroom to become a full time professional pole dancer.

Emma Nicholson, 36, from the United Kingdom, handed in her resignation to the school in order to focus on the pole dancing business she created while teaching.

“The teacher used her teaching job as a means to get to her main passion of pole dancing. Although, these two jobs just don’t seem to go together, it is what she enjoys doing,” Jackie Logan, 23, from London, England told

Nicholson started pole dancing seven years ago, and she fell in love with it. Now, she is competing nationally in the British Pole Superstar Championship.

Despite initial reservations from her partner of eleven years on the career change, she now spends six days a week hanging upside down from a metal pole while teaching other girls to do the same.

Nicholson, set up her own pole-dancing studio about two years ago.
She is the owner of the Studio Boutique Pole Dance studio on Beverley Road, in West Hull, United Kingdom.
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