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Boy, 6, drives father’s car to buy himself Chinese food

By Mason White 5:58 PM April 15, 2013
Chinese food 

By: Debbie Gross
(Scroll down for video) Police officers were called after a 6-year-old boy was seen driving his father’s car.

Police in Lapeer, Michigan, responded to an unusual call at 7:30 Saturday morning. At first, people reported seeing a car driving erratically. When they came closer, people realized that a 6-year-old was driving the car.

“The callers told police that it looked like a 6-year-old was driving the car,” Sgt. Andy Engster of the Lapeer County Sheriff’s Department said. “They were right,” he added. When police officers arrived to the scene two Good Samaritans have already blocked the boy from driving, office Engster said.

One of the drivers pulled the keys from the ignition, and held it until police arrived. The boy had taken the car keys from the counter at his home and told the responding officer that had never driven before and nobody had taught him to drive.

When officers asked the boy why he took the car, he told them he was going to get Chinese food, but on the way he hit a traffic sign and he damaged the car, therefore, he decided to go to the dealership to repair the car before his father would see the damage, according to local press reports.

“Luckily, no one was hurt in this incident. Boys love cars, even at 6- years-old he understood that his father will be upset with the dent in the car, therefore he headed to repair the damage before he got his Chinese food,” Harry Strummer, 44, of Detroit, Michigan told after learning about the incident.

Police called the boy’s father who came to pick him up. The father told officers that he was asleep and did not know his son was gone, officer Engster said.

In the video below you can see an 8-year-old girl in Russia driving a car on icy roads, while her parents are encouraging her to drive faster.

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