Gangnam Style star PSY releases new song ‘Gentlemen’

PSY dancing to Gentlemen 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) The Gangnam Style star PSY had first shot to fame with the release of his Gangnam Style song. Now, he is back with a new hit single called ‘Gentlemen’.

PSY, whose real name is Park Jae-sang, launched his latest single, "Gentleman". He is hoping to repeat the success of "Gangnam Style". The great success of his previous video made him an international star almost overnight after its release.

"Gangnam Style" was recognized by the Guinness World Records as the most "liked" video in YouTube history. It subsequently won Best Video at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

“Gangnam” is an area in South Korea, specifically a small area in Seoul, South Korea. In recent years Gangnam became famous for its wealthy residence. “Gangnam Style” refers to the “new money”, wealthy culture and lifestyle that has sprung up around the South Korean region.

The choreography of new song "Gentleman" includes the "arrogant dance," where PYS is seen playing tricks on women such as: splashing coffee in the face of one woman, untying a bikini top from another woman, and making a woman fall off a treadmill, all the while laughing in the women’s faces.

“Pys is a star, he did a great job with the ganganam style song, I do not know one person who does not love that song. I wish him a lot of success on his new great song” Chin Hae Yang, 25, of Andong, South Korea, who is a huge fan of PYS told

24 hours after its release the song “Gentleman’ set a new record for most views in a single in one day, having 22 million views, beating Justin Bieber's "Beauty and a Beat", which was viewed 10.6 million times in 24 hours.

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