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Bus driver punches passenger after he asked too many questions

By Mason White 8:36 AM April 19, 2013
Bus driver confronts passenger before the assault 

By: John Roberts
(Scroll down for video) A bus driver lost his job and was charged with assault related charges after he punched a passenger who asked him too many questions.

A Lincoln, Nebraska bus driver was caught on surveillance video assaulting a passenger, then physically dragging him off the bus, and leaving him on the side of the road before he drove off.

Lincoln officials released the video and identified the bus driver as 43-year-old Troy Fischer. He had been dismissed from his job at the StarTran bus service, where he worked for four years.
“What a shame that two adults could not communicate like grown men, instead they fought, causing both to suffer. I think that the driver got the bad end of the stick when he lost his job over the fight,” Betty Harris, 31, from Omaha, Nebraska, told

The video shows Fischer communicating with the man who was his only passenger. At some point, Fischer became irritated by the man, and attacked the man. The video shows Fischer punching the passenger 18 times. Then, he dragged him off the bus and left him at the side of a road before zooming away.

Fischer was remorseful during the disciplinary hearing, according to authorities. He has been cited on a misdemeanor assault charge.

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