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Man pays full airfare to fly his mannequin on trip as his companion

By Mason White 1:38 PM April 22, 2013
Mannequin on airplane 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
(Scroll down for video) A man took his mannequin on a trip, and were flying together to Kansas City, Missouri.

Passengers on the Kansas City bound plane saw a strange sight, as 50-year-old Greg Cochrane, from Sarasota, Florida sat next to a fully dressed, full sized mannequin which he treated as if it was a real person.

Cochrane has an obsession with many things that are Hollywood related. He especially loves the show “I Dream of Jeannie”. his favorite star in the show is Barbara Eden, and since he cannot have Eden in person, he uses a mannequin to replicate Eden. He also uses the mannequin as his companion.

He dresses the life-size mannequin is Eden’s iconic suit of “Jeannie”. When Barbara Eden was acting in a play in Kansas City, Cochrane, packed his mannequin and went to meet her. He bought a plane ticket for his mannequin. In total, he spent about $1,000 on the trip, but he said that it was all worth it.

“It is very weird that a grown 50-year-old man would use a mannequin as his companion. He must be really desperate. Couldn’t he just have taken along a picture of his mannequin to show Barbara Eden, so people don’t see how pathetic he is?” Mary White, 47, of Orlando, Florida told after learning about the man with his mannequin.

After all, he had his life dream come true when Eden brought him on stage, where he got to meet her face to face for the first time, and he got to interact with her.

“I’ve waited 46 years to meet you,” Cochrane said.
“Well, I’m very happy you did,” Eden replied.

“After all these years of collecting, it finally paid off,” Cochrane said. “Just watching Barbara in person, it’s not just a fantasy for me, it will always be part of my memory,” he added.

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