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Man leaves house water running all winter creating spectacular waterfall

By Mason White 3:55 PM April 23, 2013
waterfall was seen on the side of a building 

By: David Ross
(Scroll down for video) An empty apartment building became the sight of a spectacular waterfall after a man left his house water running all winter.

This amazing frozen waterfall was seen on the side of a building in Jilin City, East China. This is the work of 58-year-old Wen Hsu, the only remaining resident, of an empty building.

Hsu left the tap running throughout the winter to ensure that the pipes don’t freeze. The strange sight looks like a work of original art, but actually was born of fear, as Hsu was afraid that his pipes would freeze and burst which would cause him to run out of water.

“It is indeed a beautiful sight, but I wonder how many gallons of water was wasted in the process,” Miao Tian, 24, of China Town, New York City told after seeing the photo of the homemade waterfall.

As in many other cities around China, this property was scheduled for demolition, to make way for a new shopping center. The developers paid for all others tenants to relocate, but Hsu rejected the offer because he felt it was not enough money to get a decent place. After all the neighbors moved, he remained the only person in the building.

In the winter, the low temperatures threatened to freeze the water in the pipes which would leave him with no running water and no choice but to leave. But Hsu, would not give up easily, so he came up with the plan of leaving his water running, directing the water out of his apartment creating a beautiful waterfall.

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