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Businessman buys baby on Facebook for $14,000

By Mason White 4:58 PM April 28, 2013
Noori Khan with her baby 

By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video) A man stole his daughter’s baby at birth, told her the baby was stillborn, and then sold the baby.

The baby was bought through Facebook by Amit Kumar, a New Delhi, India businessman.

The grandfather, Firoz Khan, believed he was helping his daughter when he stole and sold his grandson. Khan wanted his daughter, who divorced last year, to get an abortion when she became pregnant, but after she refused to get an abortion he hatched an evil plan.

He stole the baby at birth when the mother was sleeping and sold the baby to a hospital nurse who then sold the baby on Facebook. The sale was apparently part of Khan’s attempt to facilitate the second marriage of his daughter.

Khan, 47, of India, along with three others were arrested this week after the newborn was sold on Facebook. Feroz, who lives in Ludhiana city in the northwestern state of Punjab, allegedly abducted the baby from his daughter Noori Khan, at the hospital, shortly after birth, then he told his daughter that the baby stillborn.

The grandfather sold the baby to a hospital employee for 45,000 rupees or $830. The nurse then sold the baby on Facebook for $14,800.

“It makes me mad to hear that the father did this to his own daughter and grandchild. If the father honestly felt that this was best for his daughter then why sell the baby to a stranger for money instead of finding a good home for the baby,” Child advocate Sneha Verma of Haryana, India told after hearing about the police investagation of the kidnaping.

Noori filed a complaint with the police that her son had been kidnapped. After investigating, police found the baby in the house of New Delhi businessman Amit Kumar, who bought the baby through facebook. The baby was reunited with his 20-year-old mother.

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