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Israeli fighter jets bomb Iranian missles

By Mason White 8:05 PM May 4, 2013
Smoke rising in Syria after attack 

By: David Ross
(Scroll down for video) Iran suffered a major setback after its missiles were attack by Israeli military fighter jets, according to a statement released by government officials.

Israeli forces have carried out an airstrike against a sophisticated missile cargo bound for the Lebanese Hezbollah political and military organization, officials from the United States, Lebanon and Israel, said Saturday.

The attack took place about 4:00 am on Friday on an air defense center on the outskirts of Damascus International Airport, according to a Lebanese security official who was in the Syrian capital at the time. The airport is known to be the destination of weapons from Iran for both the Syrian government and its ally Hezbollah in Lebanon.

The attack appeared to be identical to one in January in which Israeli planes attacked a convoy carrying weapons to Hezbollah, with warplanes hitting targets from a location on the city of Deir al-Ashayer in Bekaa Valley in Lebanon.

Lebanese authorities and residents had reported unusually intense Israeli overflights during the previous 48 hours, suggesting the aircraft may have reached its target from the Lebanese airspace.

“Iran should listen to the clear message of the international community that Israel will be allowed and will strike Iranian weapons that is deemed a threat to Israel,” James Carter, 50, Albury, Australia told after learning about the Israeli airstrike.

The attack, Israeli officials said, came a day after it was approved at a meeting between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his security cabinet.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view