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Five woman burned to death inside limo on California roadway

By Mason White 9:58 AM May 5, 2013
White limo on fire 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
(Scroll down for video) A terrible tragedy struck five women who were traveling inside a limo on a California roadway, according to a statement released by California police.

The five women were killed Saturday night when they were trapped inside a limousine that had caught fire while traveling on the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge in Foster City, California.

Police officer Art Montiel said that the women traveled from Alameda to Foster City. Four other women and the driver of the vehicle managed to escape the fire, which was reported shortly after 10:00 pm.
Montiel said the incident did not involve an accident.

Montiel said authorities did not know where the women were at the time of the fire. He said the county coroner of San Mateo will announce the names of the women who died after their families have been notified.

The incident began at 10:09 pm when officers responded to reports of a vehicle fire on Highway 92 in Foster City, just east of Pier 1. The car was a Lincoln white town car and traveling in the slow lane. For unknown reasons, the car caught fire.
Ten people were inside the vehicle at this time, including nine women and the driver, Montiel said.

Four women and the driver, whose gender was unknown, escaped. Five of the women, however, could not escape the vehicle and were confirmed dead when officers arrived on scene.

Two of the four women who escaped were taken to Stanford Hospital and two were taken to Valley Medical Center in San Jose. The four are being treated for smoke inhalation and burns. The driver was not injured.

“I feel bad for the families these five women left behind. They died in a terrible way. The images of the fire are frightening, and I am afraid of traveling in a limo now,” Felicia Buckner, 30, of San Jose, California told after watching the incident unfold on live television.

Apparently, the fire started in the back of the limo, but specifically where or how is still being investigated, police said.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view