New Zealand officials name street Topless Terrace

New Topless Terrace street sign 
By: Moses Gold

The New Zealand Traffic Authority was embarrassed recently, after installing a racy street sign.

Officials in Wellington, New Zealand, said they mistakenly replaced a street sign that read Torless Terrace and placed a sign that read Topless Terrace instead.

City workers replaced the old street sign Friday after it became loose, resident Deborah Bowler said.
However, she soon realized the street had the new racy name.

"At first I thought ‘it's only been up for a day and someone has messed with it already,’ but on closer inspection I realized that it is the real deal," she said.

Council spokesperson Richard MacLean said that the old street sign was often vandalized to make it read "Topless Terrace" by people with a ladder and a bit of white tape or paint.
This time, it seems to be a spelling error.

“Since people used to vandalize the sign when it said Torless to make it say Topless, why can’t they vandalize it again to change it from Topless back to Torless. Some people have to much time on their hands,” Kitty Finch, 19, of Wellington, New Zealand told after learning about the Topless sign.

"The council usually managed to avoid such situations. Now, we are aware of the situation, we will do some research, and fix things, in order to protect the honor of the good people of the street," MacLean said. "We don’t want it to become a tourist attraction or to be invaded by giggling school children."