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Stunt plane caught on video plunging into ground, exploding into ball of fire

By Mason White 3:20 AM May 7, 2013
Plane explodes into a ball of fire 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) This was definitely not part of the stunt.

Spectators at an airshow watched in horror as a historical jet fell from the sky and exploded into a giant fireball.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense of Spain said that pilot Ladislao Tejedor Romero died of his injuries after being transported to the burn unit of the hospital in Getafe Hospital. Romero, 35, was an experienced pilot who also served as an assistant to defense minister Pedro Morenes.

The plane crashed and exploded in front of about 3,000 people gathered at Cuatro Vientos Airfield southwest of Madrid just to see vintage aircraft and aerobatics. One of the spectators caught the crash on video.

Romero was flying at 1950 HA-200 Saeta, one of the first jet aircraft manufactured in Spain.
Ministry spokesperson Alfredo Florenza said the cause of the accident is unknown.

“People came out to have a good time and watch stunts, but it turned into a horrific experience. I think people will now think twice before going out to watch stunt planes. Also, Spain suffered a big loss with the loss of an important pilot,” Kathleen Cook, 20, of Madrid, Spain told after watching the incident unfold.

The driver is believed to be the only fatality, but many others were taken to hospital for injuries related to the accident.
A young woman who suffered first and second degree burns was taken to a local hospital, and an elderly man suffered an anxiety attack. Also, a rescue worker suffered smoke inhalation and received aid at the scene.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view