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Man breaks out from prison using just a spoon

By Mason White 4:11 AM May 9, 2013
Oleg Topalov 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) Out of all the tools prisoners use to escape from prison, one man, used a seemingly easy tool which is available to every prisoner, to break free, according to a statement released by prison officials in Russia.

The man, used only a spoon, to break free from one of the most infamous prisons in Russia.
33-year-old Oleg Topalov escaped from the Matrosskaya Tishina prison, apparently by the use of a single spoon to dig a hole in the ceiling of his cell.

He was only the fourth person in 20 years to successfully escape from the Matrosskaya Tishina prison. Russian investigators have blamed Topalov’s escape on prison staff, who said they engaged in a “dishonest or careless attitude to their work which Topalov exploited.”

Topalov, who was convicted of two murders and arms trafficking, used the spoon to create a hole in the ceiling of the cell, opened a hole in the vent, climbed to the roof of the prison, and escaped over the fence perimeter of the building.

“Since the building is old and run down, Topalov had no difficulty in extending the vent shaft, through which he reached the roof of the prison,” Russian Federal Penitentiary Service representative Kristina Belousova said. “Using sheets tied one to another, Tapalov managed to go over the wall and jump over the fence, running away,” the spokesperson added.

One witness said that Topalov did not use sheets, but rope he purchased from the prison psychiatric ward.
Prison officials described Topalov as “mentally unstable and susceptible to escape,” and offered an award for his capture.

“This is definitely one daring prison escape. I don’t believe that Topalov is mentally disabled as Russian officials claim, as a don’t think a mentally disabled man can escape from a maximum security prison with just a spoon. He must be pretty smart. Topalov’s daring prison escape can now be turned into a movie,” Peggy Ramirez, 51, of Tucson, Arizona told after learning about Topalov’s prison escape.

Interestingly, under Russian law, Topalov only faces up to four years in jail if caught.
Reports said Topalov shared a cell with about seven other prisoners, although it is unclear what role, if any, they played in his daring escape.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view