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Israel better place to be a mom than the U.S. new study shows

By Mason White 11:55 AM May 12, 2013
Israeli mother rides with her children 

By: David Ross
When it comes down to where it is better to be a mom, Israel topped the United States, according to a new survey.

By Aryeh Savir

Tazpit News Agency For

A report published by “Save the Children” reveals that Israel is good place to be a mother. The American based organization compiled a “State of the World’s Mothers Report”, a yearly report that compares conditions for mothers in 165 countries around the globe, looking at factors such as mother’s health, education and economic status, as well as critical child indicators such as health and nutrition.

This year’s report exposes the impact nutrition has on the well being of mothers and children, especially around the critical first moments after birth.

In its 14th annual report, Israel was ranked 25th. In comparison, the USA was ranked 30th, and Japan was ranked 31st. Israel’s current ranking consists a significant improvement since the 2012 ranking in which it was ranked 45th.

Of the ten countries at the bottom of the index, seven are currently facing a food crisis, with Niger at the epicenter of a developing emergency that is threatening the lives of up to a million children. The Scandinavian countries are leading in providing optimal conditions for its mothers.