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FBI movie scene turns into real police chase after woman calls police

By Mason White 8:23 AM May 17, 2013
FBI agents illustration 

By: Eva Fett
A fake FBI chase turned into a real police chase after a passerby decided to call police.

A student movie project in Wellington, New Zealand, involving an FBI chase scene and a false pistol, resulted in an actual chase scene, according to a statement released by New Zealand police said.

The movie scene, which included a student dressed in a hospital gown being chased through the streets by FBI agents, drew the attention of a woman who called the police.
“The caller said she saw what appeared to be a kind of gun that was chased around,” police Sergeant Vaughan Mead said.

The students had left the area by the time police arrived, but their car was pursued by police officers, resulting in a police chase.

“The students said that they were recording something for their movie class. Unfortunately, the students did not inform us of their plans, which could have had serious consequences,” Mead said, adding the police take reports of weapons seriously.

“The woman who called police freaked out for no reason. Any rational person would come to the conclusion that a man dressed in a hospital gown being chased by U.S. FBI agents in another country is either a movie scene or the real deal. If I would see this unfold I would have never called police,” Heather Henry, 36, of Wellington, New Zealand told after learning about the FBI chase that turned into a real police chase.

Police identified one student as Matt Siller. Siller and 4 other students were charged with disorderly conduct and each received a $412 fine.