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Man cuts off his own penis during argument with girlfriend

By Mason White 9:18 AM May 17, 2013
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By: Eva Fett
A man cut off his own penis to get revenge at his girlfriend after a heated argument, according to a statement released by police in Taiwan.

The man from Jilong, Taiwan, who was drunk, used standard scissors to cut off his own penis and testicles during an argument with his girlfriend.

The 46-year-old, who was not identified by police, then took his penis and flushed it down the toilet before his girlfriend rushed him to a nearby hospital. By the time he got there, the man had fallen into a coma due to blood loss.
Doctors said that if the man had not flushed his penis down the toilet, they probably would have been able to reattach it

Doctors also said that the man left 1.2 inches of manhood, just enough to still be able to urinate. The man has since come out of his coma and is expected to recover.

“When the man recovers from his penis cutting injuries he should be checked into a mental health facility, as he seems to be totally disturbed. Why did he cut off his own penis after seeking revenge against his girlfriend? The only person to suffer from this action is himself,” Janet Shaw, 35, of Evansville, Indiana told after learning about the man who cut off his own penis.