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Waitress receives $450 tip on $5 bill

By Mason White 4:03 AM May 19, 2013
CeCe Bruce gets $446 tip 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) The woman couldn’t believe her own eyes when she saw the staggering amount left to her as a tip on the receipt.

CeCe Bruce has received several large tips in her life, but nothing like the one she received this week.
CeCe works in the Steak n’ Shake restaurant in Indianapolis, Indiana.

She said: “I was having a difficult time waiting another table, but kept smiling and going.” That was when one of her regulars did something that surprised her.

When CeCe went to the table to take a credit card she glanced at the receipt. “At first I thought it was $46, and I said: ‘Miss Jo, that’s very generous!’”

Miss Jo actually left her a much larger tip.

“When I looked again I said ‘Oh my God, Miss Jo, I’ll can’t take that!’ And she said: ‘Yes you need to take it’ and I said: ‘no’ and she said: ‘You have to,’” CeCe said.

The total bill came to $5.97, and the tip was $446.
“I did not think I was worth $450, but, you know, she feels that I am,” she laughed.
CeCe, who goes to school part time at Martin University, said the tip could not have come at a better time.

“Pay bills, paying bills on time, that’s what I’m definitely going to do,” CeCe said.
She was not the only one in the restaurant wearing an extra big smile.
Manager Lindsay Banack said: “We have seen how everyone cheered up a bit, it just makes me feel good about humanity.”

“Waiters and waitresses work very hard as they work mostly late night hours. Most waiters and waitresses receive little pay and they depend on tips from customers. People need to realize this. I am very happy for her,” Emma Sanders 49, of Springfield, Massachusetts told after learning about the large tip.

As for Miss Jo? CeCe barely had a chance to say thanks.
“She’s very sweet and did not want any friendly gratitude. She signed the receipt and walked out the door,” CeCe said, adding: “Miss Jo, I love you and I thank you very much!”Mobile video not loading? Click here to view