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California bacon restaurant shut down after smelling like bacon

By Mason White 4:23 AM May 19, 2013
Bacon Bacon restaurant 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) A California bacon restaurant was shut down by authorities because it smelled like bacon, according to a statement released by the San Francisco Department of Public Health.

The popular Upper Haight bacon restaurant must close its doors on Friday after months of failed negotiations with neighbors after the restaurant was too smelly.

Officials of the Department of Public Health said that the Bacon Bacon owners, located at 205A Frederick Street, have had months to address these and other concerns. However, after its failure to do so, the restaurant must close its doors.

“We allow companies to operate for a certain time while going through a change of ownership,” Richard Lee, program director of environmental health regulation of the Department of Public Health said. “They did not meet the deadline,” he added.

The announcement has generated a groundswell of support online for the restaurant, including an online petition for Bacon Bacon with over 1,600 signatures from Bay Area residents who support the operation. Owner Jim Angelus said he is overwhelmed by the support.

In August, the restaurant received a notice that it did not have the proper health permits, according to the letter from the health department of the city instructing cease operations. That letter gave the restaurant 75 days to resolve the problem.

A public hearing must take place before Bacon Bacon can resume operations, but a hearing cannot be scheduled until the summer, officials of the Department of Planning said.

Angelus said he has tried to meet with the neighbors to address their concerns since last year, but the parties could not reach an agreement.

“The government has stepped over the line with this shut down. The neighbors are being unreasonable here. How should a bacon restaurant smell? Like fish? If neighbors don’t like the smell of a restaurant they can move to a residential only neighborhood,” Elaine Ross, 48, of Salem, Massachusetts told after learning about the Bacon Bacon Restaurant shut down.

Ted Loewenberg, the president of the Haight Ashbury Improvement Association, said his association is not opposed to small business, but businesses have to play by the rules.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view