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Two men kill teen boy to steal his iPad in Las Vegas

By Mason White 4:21 AM May 20, 2013
Marcos Arenas 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) Two men were arrested and charged with murder related charges after they killed a teen boy in order to steal his iPad, according to a statement released by police in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Jacob Dismont, 18, and Michael Solid, 21, were booked Saturday at the Clark County jail, charged with open murder, robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery.

According to investigators, Marcos Arenas, 15, was walking down a street with an iPad on Thursday when a passenger got out of a vehicle and tried to steal the device from him.

Dismont is accused of trying to snatch away the iPad and dragging Arenas to his vehicle when the young man refused to let go of the device. After Dismont reentered the vehicle, Solid started to drive away while dragging the teen. The vehicle ran over Arenas and he died in a hospital.

“I think the public and the police department share the same feeling that it was an act of senseless violence,” police spokesperson Bill Cassell said.

The suspects managed to flee with the iPad, officials said.
Ivan Arenas said he bought the iPad for his son less than two months ago. The family never had much, the father said.
“To lose his life for an iPad, is not fair at all,” Ivan Arenas said. “Never in my life would I imagine that buying my son an iPad for his birthday will result in him being killed,” the father added.

“I feel sick after learning what these two animals did to this young child all because of a used iPad. I hope they are convicted of murder and spend the rest of their lives behind bars where they belong. I feel bad that the father feels guilty for buying his son a birthday present,” Tiffany Andrews, 58, of Newport, Rhode Island, told after learning about the senseless killing over the iPad.

Police urge victims of such crimes to always let go of their devices.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view