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School left confused after student sports record 41 names

By Mason White 10:40 AM May 21, 2013
School students illustration 

By: Sarah Weiss
The school staff and students are all left scratching their head after a new student revealed his record 41 names.

The high school student in the Philippines is drawing worldwide attention for his unusual name, which includes 40 first names and one surname.

The latest high school student to enroll in Urdaneta City in Pangasinan National High School is a 15-year-old student named Zerubbabel Zabud Ismail Ratziel Zimry Timshel Blavatsky Pike Polidoro Philo Rakoczy Isurenus Nylghara Morya Kuthumi Aum Krishnamurti Ultimus Ashram Rufinorum Jerram Jancsi Akasha Janko Ziv Hu Zane Zeke Diamond Wye Wakeman Mercavah Muo Nesethrah Chohkmah Teletai Morningstar Seven Nigel A. San Juan CCCII.

A. represents Augustine, the surname of his mother.
The older boy’s brother, Ramuel, 21, and his sister Ramille Lewisse, 25, each have 20 names and a surname.

Their father, Rufino Ramil San Juan V, said he began the tradition of naming his oldest daughter with lots of names in order to teach the Government flexibility.

“My first child was born, but I was not happy when the people in charge of the documents showed little imagination,” San Juan said. “The form had a very short blank line where I was expected to fill in the name of my daughter. I asked: ‘What if I decide to give my daughter a longer name?’ They replied: ‘You can not do that.’”
“So I decided I could do that. My wife had reservations about doing that as any sensible math teacher would,” the father added.

“If the father wanted to teach the government a lesson he shouldn’t have done it using his children. He could have requested a name change for himself and name himself a thousand names. His children probably hate him for doing this to them,” Kristen Soto, 32, of Brattleboro, Vermont told after learning about the student with 41 names.