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Muslims deface tomb of Shimon Ben Yaakov near Highway 6

By Mason White 4:52 PM May 21, 2013
The tomb of Shimon Ben Yaakov defaced 

By: Moses Gold
The tomb of Shimon Ben Yaakov was defaced with Arabic writings, according to photos uploaded to the internet.

Muslim vandals defaced the tomb of Shimon Ben Yaakov, which is the burial place of the father of one of the 12 tribes of Israel.

While the tomb, located near Kibbutz Eyal, just off Highway 6, is not one of the most popular or known graves of the Jewish ancestors, it is frequented by some Jews on a daily basis.

Some Jewish worshipers who arrived at the tomb in recent days found that the grave has been desecrated and disfigured, and green Arabic graffiti has been painted everywhere.

An IDF soldier who frequents the place, said he believes that the green color was used in order to make a statement that the site belongs to the Palestinians. The Arabic graffiti reads: “the tomb of Shamun.”

Photographs of the defaced site have been delivered to a nongovernmental organization that specializes in the rehabilitation of holy places in Israel.

“This is a huge desecration of a Jewish holy site. The suspects behind the vandalism need to be brought to justice. It is time for the Israeli police to permanently patrol the tomb,” Yaakov Baumelgreen, 41, of Elad, Israel told after learning about the vandalism of the tomb.