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5 men, boyfriend, gang rape teen girl for several hours

By Mason White 5:17 AM May 22, 2013
Anti rape protest 

By: John Roberts
6 men were arrested and charged with rape related charges after they gang raped a teen girl for several hours in a basement, according to a statement released by police in Malaysia.

A high school student was allegedly raped by six men, including her boyfriend in Kampung Akil, Kota Baru.

According to the initial police investigation, it is believed that before the incident took place, the victim had left home at 1:00 am on Friday to follow her boyfriend into the house of his friend’s grandfather.
It is believed that the victim had been raped repeatedly by the suspects, police spokesperson Azham Othman said.

“Based on the initial investigation and confirmation of physicians, there were signs of tear in the teen girl’s private parts indicating that she was raped,” the police spokesperson also said.

“After receiving the police complaint, we immediately arrested the suspects, who are all aged between 17 and 18, in their homes,” Othman said.

Othman said all the suspects were former students who were in the same class with the victim.
“It makes me sad to hear about a teen girl being raped by her classmates. Hopefully, the students will be severely punished,” Coleen Wright, 29, of Bellevue, Nebraska told when asked to comment about the gang rape of the student.