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Pizza 4 Patriots sets world record after sending 30,000 pizzas to U.S. troops in Afghanistan

By Mason White 12:40 PM May 23, 2013
DHL sending pizzas to U.S. service members 

By: Eva Fett
A pizza delivery service has set a world record for delivering the most pizzas ever after sending 30,000 pizzas to U.S. service members in Afghanistan, according to a statement from the Guinness World Records.

Pizza 4 Patriots, a registered nonprofit charity organization based in Illinois, has been sending pizzas to military service members overseas for the past five years.

Last summer, Pizza 4 Patriots and DHL shipping company, organized its biggest delivery yet, 30,000 pizzas to service members in Kandahar, Bagram and Camp Bastion, in Afghanistan, in celebration of Independence Day. The delivery began last summer. DHL donated their services to ship the pizzas from a service center in Chicago.

Ian Clough, CEO of DHL Express U.S., said he was grateful to Pizza 4 Patriots and proud that DHL has such dedicated employees.
“The comments of the U.S. troops receiving the pizza packages has been encouraging, and we really appreciate their valuable service,” Clough said in a statement.

Mark Evans, a retired Air Force master sergeant who started Pizza 4 Patriots, said he has been working with Guinness World Records since last summer, to record the record. After the affidavits of witnesses, Guinness World Records officially recognized the pizza delivery as a new world record.

Evans said he was “completely satisfied and overwhelmed.”
“The world record is secondary to caring for our soldiers by sending them a slice from home,” Evans said.
The 12-inch pizzas were made by Great Kitchens, Inc. in Illinois with ingredients that were donated and funded by several donors.

“I am overwhelmed with joy that there are still good people out there who care enough for our troops to provide them with pizza. DHL deserves lots of praise for undertaking this complex delivery operation, which made sure that soldiers received fresh pizza from Chicago, Illinois. Our soldiers are so far away from home for long periods of time, and every time they receive something from home it makes them very happy,” Erica Boyd, 38, of Chicago, Illinois told when asked to comment about the record pizza delivery for U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan.

Earlier this year, Pizza 4 Patriots send 21,000 pizzas to soldiers stationed overseas during the Super Bowl. Next, Evans is raising enough money to send 25,000 pizzas to troops worldwide.