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Palestinians arrested for killing MK Livnat’s nephew at Joseph’s tomb after being released from Palestinian prison

By Mason White 3:36 PM May 24, 2013
Ben-Yosef Livnat 

By: Shifra Unger
Several Palestinian men were arrested after a Knesset Member’s nephew was murdered at Joseph’s Tomb, according to a statement released by Israeli military officials.

Palestinian sources reported that one night this week, the IDF arrested three members of the Palestinian security forces in the Nablus area. The three men were involved in a shooting in 2011 in which Ben-Yosef Livnat, the nephew of Culture and Sports Minister Limor Livnat, was killed.

After the incident, which took place at the Tomb of Joseph, a Palestinian court sentenced the three to one year in prison and were recently released.

The Ministry of Defense announced that Ben Yosef was a terror victim a month after his death. The decision was taken after the announcement of the army that the officers who shot him were not in immediate danger.

According to the initial investigation of the military, 19 Jewish worshipers arrived at Joseph’s Tomb in three vehicles, ignored the Palestinian police order to stop at a roadblock. The Palestinian police opened fire on them.

“The Palestinian leadership should be punished. Why did they release killers after serving just one year in prison? This is outrageous. I am glad that the three terrorists were arrested and hopefully, they will be jailed in Israel for a long time,” Shiral Gingham, 50, of Jerusalem, Israel told after being asked to comment on the arrests of Livnat’s killers.

Sports and Culture Minister Limor Livnat, who is Ben-Yosef’s aunt, praised the victim saying: “The son of my brother was killed by terrorists masked as Palestinian police officers for no reason other than his desire to pray. He was innocent.”