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Syrian hackers attempt to disrupt water system in Haifa Israel

By Mason White 8:33 PM May 25, 2013
Haifa Israel 

By: John Roberts
Syrian attackers tried to disrupt the water supply in Haifa, Israel, but were repelled, according to a statement released by Israeli security officials.

An Israeli security expert said that Syrian hackers tried to break into the computers of the water network of the city of Haifa.

Speaking at a conference on Saturday in the southern city of Be’er Sheba, Yitzhak Ben Yisrael, a former cybersecurity adviser, said a group calling itself the “Syrian Electronic Army” had launched the failed attack two weeks ago.

“I am glad to hear that Israeli security guards were able to prevent damage to the water system in Haifa, but this is a reminder that the enemies of Israel are not asleep and we need to be on constant guard against attack,” Yisroel Tauber, 40, of Jerusalem, Israel told after being asked to comment on the latest Syrian attack against Israel.

Last month, a large scale assault in the name of the Anonymous hackers group failed.

The attack took place just after Israel bombed a military complex near Damascus. Israel refused to comment on the strike, but officials at the time said that Iranian missiles were on its way to Hezbollah from Syria to Lebanon. Syria has said it would keep all options on the table for a potential response.