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Israeli firefighters bombed while trying to fight fire near Muslim homes

By Mason White 7:01 PM May 28, 2013
Israeli firefighters illustration 

By: Moses Gold
An Israeli fire fighting rescue team came under a bombing attack while they were attempting to fight a fire that broke out near Muslim homes, according to a statement released by an Israeli fire department.

Several Jerusalem firefighters, who put their lives at risk in order to stop a fire from reaching a group of Muslim homes, were stoned and bombed instead of being thanked for their firefighting efforts. The attack was reminiscent of another last week, in which a firefighter was injured as a firefighting team tried to prevent a large fire from reaches a group of Muslim homes.

In the latest incident Monday afternoon, a mob threw stones and firebombs against a firefighting team, at the site of a forest fire that broke out in the industrial area of ​​Atarot in northern Jerusalem. The industrial area is located next to a large Muslim area. Thanks to the efforts of the fire fighters, a large-scale fire was prevented.

Firefighters found themselves coming under heavy attack, and were only able to leave the area under the protection of the Israeli border guard unit. In order to safely evacuate the firefighters, border guards were forced to open fire on protesters. No one was injured, but one of the fire trucks was damaged by rioters.

“I cannot figure out these group of people. Why are they stoning emergency workers who come to save them from a large fire? It just makes no sense at all,” Marvin Hayes, 35, of Ramat Gan, Israel told after learning about the attack o the firefighters.

In the incident last week, a firefighter was injured when a group of Muslims began attacking the rescue team while they were trying to extinguish the fire. The incident occurred near Muslim village of Issawiya, which is within the municipal boundaries of Jerusalem. Firefighters were greeted by a large crowd with a hail of stones and bricks.

The injured firefighter was taken to Hadassah Hospital for treatment. Police were called to clear the area, and to allow the firefighters to continue putting out the fire.