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Anti-drinking advertisement shows man vomiting out his girlfriend

By Mason White 4:06 AM May 29, 2013
Man vomits up his girlfriend 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
(Scroll down for video) Am anti-drinking group has published a new video advertisement, which shows a man vomiting out his girlfriend after he had too many drinks, according to video uploaded to the internet.

A Spanish drug group has created the television commercial with a man throwing up the body of his girlfriend to send a message about the dangers of alcohol abuse.

The Foundation Against Drug Addiction Help commercial shows a young man vomiting out the body of his girlfriend, who comes out from his mouth to help make a point about the abuse of alcohol.
“Every time he gets drunk, he walks away from people who are important to him, as his girlfriend,” the television commercial reads.

“I Saw the video and I think that it is disgusting. There are better ways to send a message to children about the dangers of alcohol,” Heidi Fields, 22, of Atlanta, Georgia told after watching the video.

However, not everyone agreed with Fields.

“I think the video sends a clear message how disgusting it is to be drunk. There is nothing wrong in using such images to make a point,” Claudia Gutierrez, 24, of Savannah, Georgia told

Ignacio Gonzalez, president of the foundation, said the problem of alcohol abuse among the youth in the country is very serious and more unpleasant than the images in the video.
“Science Fiction videos is something that young people instantly recognize,” Gonzalez said about the commercial.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view