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Woman kills dog after it sniffed her daughter’s private parts

By Mason White 3:23 PM May 5, 2013
Andrea Fiegle 

By: Eva Fett
A Hawaiian woman was arrested after she killed a dog because it got too close to her daughter’s private parts.

The Haleiwa, Honolulu, mother cut the throat of the dog because it did not listen when she ordered it to stop smelling her daughter’s private parts, according to court proceedings.

The dog that was killed, had been bought as a gift for Fiegle’s daughter. 36-year-old Andrea Fiegle called police on herself on Sunday night after she killed the dog.

When the officer arrived at the house, the arresting officer asked Fiegle if the dog had endangered anyone or had been a threat to someone before she cut its throat. According to the officer, the mother admitted that the dog was not a physical threat to anyone.

“The mother treated the dog as if it was a sex offender who was trying to rape her daughter. That is what dogs do. They sniff people and things. I hope the judge bans the mother from having animals in her home,” Donna Anderson, 43, of New York City told after hearing about the dog’s tragic death.

Fiegle is reportedly the first person in Hawaii to be charged under a law making cruelty to animals a felony. Fiegle is free on $11,000 bail.