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Police arrest and force teen girl to wear police jacket after wearing immodest clothing

By Mason White 5:44 PM May 7, 2013
Teen in revealing dress (right) teen wearing police jacket in
police car (left) 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
A teen girl was forced to wear a police jacket after she was caught walking on the street in a revealing dress.

The 16-year-old girl was taken into police custody for dressing inappropriately in the capital of Maldives, on Sunday afternoon.

Police spokesperson Hassan Haneef confirmed that the teen was alone in the Novelty Bookshop in Male’, when she was taken into custody for wearing a short black see through dress.

“The social norms and values of the Maldivian culture were violated,” Haneef said. “There are laws, which fall under the Anti-social Behavior Act,” he added. The girl was taken into police custody after people complained about her exposed body. “The girl was given a police jacket to cover herself and was taken to the Family and Child Protection Department,” Haneef said.

Police lectured the girl how she was supposed to dress in public. They also made her call her parents and advised them regarding her dress code violations. The girl was released with a warning. She was not charged at this time.

“I get the point police were making, but what annoys me is that there are gangsters who operate in Male’ and they intimidate residents, while police do nothing about it. Police often say they do not have the resources to pursue the gangsters, but when a young girl wears a short dress they have the resources to stop her,” Faseeh Naseem, 25, of Gili Lankanfushi, Maldives told after he heard about the teenage girl in police custody for wearing a revealing dress.

Haneef emphasized that the issue in question was upholding societal norms and values and if anyone witnesses someone violating those standards they should report them to the police.

“If someone does not meet these expectations they can be arrested, but it is very rare. It depends on a case by case basis,” Haneef explained.