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Man blows up his house after wife would not follow his orders

By Mason White 8:15 PM May 11, 2013
Czeslaw Kaminski’s destroyed house 

By: David Ross
(Scroll down for video)A man landed in the hospital after he blew up his house after his wife did not obey his orders.

Czeslaw Kaminski’s wife went out for the day and refused to come home when he ordered her to do so.

Kaminski, 69, of Poland, became angry after his wife went out with their children on a picnic for the day without him. Officials in the city of Lodz said that Kaminski became upset when he woke up and saw a note his wife left him, letting him know that she had taken the children for a picnic for the day.

Kaminski’s wife, Grazyna, told police that her husband called her on her cell phone and demanded that she come home immediately, but when she refused he said he would take revenge. “I did not take his threat seriously but when I came home I found this,” she said.

“Has he lost his mind? He burned down the house he paid for, and lost all his and his children’s stuff. Is that what he calls revenge?” Imie Nazwisko, 47, of Warsaw, Poland told after learning about Kaminski’s distructive behavior in revenge of his wife.

Kaminski allegedly lit a fire in the basement and threw two gas cylinders into the fire. The explosion caused the house to collapse, splashing debris and dirt across the lawn. Kaminski was unable to leave the house in time before the explosion and suffered serious injuries. He was airlifted to a hospital.

Kaminski is said to be in serious condition.

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